A Marketing Guide for your Small Business this Christmas!

‘Tis the season to be jolly, falalalalaaaa (who counted the la’s). Yes, the holiday season is upon us, and as a small business owner, it's time to ‘sleigh’ your marketing game (ha).

Here’s some tips that are as sweet as sherry and as bright as your baubles, so snuggle up and read on…

Decorate Your Online ‘Presents’
Deck your halls, website, and social media channels with holiday cheer. Acknowledge the time of year with your visuals and words and show your fun side. Nobody likes a Grinch.

Special Seasonal Offers
Everyone loves a bargain, especially at this time of year, and doubly-especially, given the financial stress we’ve been under this year. Offers, discounts, and bundles are the candy canes of Christmas marketing – sweet and irresistible.

Email Marketing
Email marketing is a secret weapon. Craft engaging emails to share your holiday tips, promotions, and special offers, and spread some yuletide joy. Remind your subscribers that you are here, and you’re a jolly, holly, friendly business.

Leverage social media
Get on your socials and spread some Christmas cheer! Post content that's relevant, engaging and more visually appealing than Aunt Edna's Pavlova. Let people know what festive events you have happening and support the other businesses in town with theirs. And don’t forget to let your customers know when you are open and closed.

All Wrapped Up
If you have a retail business, can you offer some extra Christmas sparkle this year with some festive wrapping? It is minimal cost, and that extra touch could be the icing on the Christmas cake that separates you from your competitors.

Give Back
Make Santa proud and go to the top of the good list. Christmas is a time for giving and spreading kindness. Consider donating a portion of your December profit to a good cause, or collecting Christmas presents for those that would really appreciate it this year.Go on, pop on your elf hat and get ready to sleigh the competition with some festive marketing magic.

Stay sparkly
Barefruit x