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Originally Australian Seabird Rescue (ASR), the company was formed in 1992 when the late Lance Ferris discovered that 35% of Ballina’s pelicans were injured by fishing tackle. He discovered that pelicans in other major estuaries throughout NSW were suffering from the same fate. Now a volunteer organisation, Australian Seabird & Turtle Rescue (ASTR) operates branches along the NSW coastline, with volunteer members rescue and rehabilitate seabirds, shorebirds, sea turtles and sea snakes.

ASTR approached Barefruit with a vision to update their branding to something that is more representative to what they do. It was also an opportunity to bring their brand up to date with an identity that is modern and appealing to all audiences.


The work

Creating the ASTR brand identity was a fun process, which began with mood boards and different directions to choose, however it came down to a very simple artwork that incorporates a turtle, seabird, sea snakes, the sun and ocean all in one using very simple line-artwork.

The new identity is a holistic update from the previous logo, we kept the primary yellow brand colour, which works really well with the new secondary colour palette. The yellow is also bright and draws attention as an emergency rescue operator, and we have managed to combine the multiple identities they had for turtle rescue and seabird rescue into one.

The finished logo is also a great talking point for children of all ages for educational purposes too and will remain as a unique identity that is also wearable for locals, supporters, workers and tourists.

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ABST colours
ABST brand guide
ABST stationary
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