Big Bend

big bend organics

pure and simple branding for new organic range

the brief...

To design a logo and brand identity that conveys the premium, high quality product and its superiority compared to their competitors. A brand that communicates and represents its core values and location - a farm located on the ‘big bend’, a part of Mackenzie river in Karamarra, Central Queensland. To develop a brand that can be marketed on a commercial scale to butchers and as a stand-alone brand marketed directly to consumers.


Cultivating Solution

To communicate the superior quality of the product through the design of a modern, crisp and honest logo. To clearly establish Big Bend Organics as a leader in the organic beef industry through the creation of smart, unique branding that clearly differentiates the brand from their competitors.


Resulting Fruit

The creation of a strong, modern logo that captures the essence of the brand and that can be used across all marketing communications including website, print and social. 

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