Love Lennox Festival

love lennox festival

Capturing the essence of local love lennox festival


the brief…

Refresh the Love Lennox Festival branding through the creation of a new logo and style guide to use throughout all collateral. To communicate the strong sense of community and the family-orientated feel of the festival through clean, modern and simplistic branding. Incorporate a balance of fun and professionalism that speaks to potential attendees as well as potential festival sponsors.

love lennox poster logo

Cultivating Solution

To redesign the Love Lennox Festival logo and branding style guide to communicate the fun of the festival as a celebration of the Lennox Head community spirit. To design 2 x full page print ads, the festival programme and a certificate of appreciation, all incorporating the new logo and branding style guide.

Love Lennox Flyer

Resulting Fruit

The development of a new logo and branding style guide that captures the essence of the Love Lennox Festival and clearly communicates the strong community spirit of Lennox Head. Fresh, classic and simplistic branding that can be used across all marketing communications including website, print and social. The development of two full page ads, a festival programme and a certificate of appreciation. 

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