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Marketing Resources

A collection of resources for small business legends who love to DIY.

Marketing Resources

Ready to launch, kickstart or boost your business but don’t have the budget to outsource your marketing? We’ve put together a stack of free resources to help you market your business. From our experts in-house to you, these downloadable PDF’s can be sent straight to your inbox. Be prepared to slay your marketing in 2021.

The Barefruit Team 🍊

Search Engine Optimisation. It opens up a whole can of worms. There are so many ways you can approach an SEO strategy, so let’s take a look at ways you can get started for free!

iPhone or Android, today’s phones have incredible cameras and, when you know your stuff, you can take some gorgeous photographs. Make the most of the wonderful cameras on your phone and start producing some top notch content 🤳

In today’s world, consumers expect to find you online so they can do some research, browse through your products, and make a purchase. In saying this, setting up a website can take time and a lot of hard work. And so, here is our guide to getting your business online, quickly, hassle-free and for free without a webiste. And you can do it right now!

Blogging is the of the best ways to help boost your organic SEO. But you can’t write willy-nilly about everything and anything. There is an art to writing a blog post for your website. And so, here are our tips on writing amazing content from our in-house blog-writing experts.


It’s expensive to get have your products photographed by a professional, especially if you’re a small business. So, let’s take a look at how to take amazing product photos yourself, at home.


Social Media. Everyone has it, everyone is always on it and so, yes, you need it. But once you've set up your accuont on Facebook and Instagram, what do you actually do? There is an art to creating an engaging profile that entices your audience to buy. And, we're going to run you through it.


A thorough content calendar can help you feel confident in your long-term social media goals. Stay on track this year and get organised 🗓 Download Barefruits content calendar template below.


Do you want the news, a magazine or radio station to talk about what you have been up to? Use our guide to write a Press Release that journalists will notice. Plus, learn a few tips on how to sell in your story.


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