National Wear your Pyjamas to work Day

We've all gone Pyjamas

At Barefruit Marketing we're all about embracing important National Days. Important and serious days, like International National Women's Day, Father's Day... and who could forget the best day of all, National Wear your Pyjamas to work Day.

But we're sensible adults who would never drop their kids at school in our pyjamas. Wait, what? Claire did? Okay... We're sensible adults who would never forget to drop our kids at school... and we all wore our pyjamas to the office today because we are all game for a laugh.

Blues, yellows, shorts, t-shirts, polka dots, penguins and Wonder Woman adorned our business-bodies today as we worked to the (slightly hypnotic) lullaby-remixes of classic Disney tunes. We also started the day with a session of laughing yoga - you should try it, it's hilarious, and helps if one of the team has an infectious laugh (Sara).

But it wasn't all for fun and laughing-yoga - there was a serious side to our shenanigans today. As a proud corporate sponsor, and several personal sponsors, our team is committed to supporting Rafiki Mwema - a charity run from our office that provides safe houses and therapeutic care for traumatised and sexually abused young children. All our pyjama participants donated $5 to the charity today. $5 in Kenya can go a long way, for instance it can buy 3 meals a day for one of our children for a week, or transport 3 of our children home for supervised visits with their family.

Rafiki Mwema urgently need funds to continue the life-saving work they do with these children - if you can go without your latte for a day, please consider donating it to Rafiki Mwema here, and make a difference - it is tax deductible too. When you donate please put 'Barefruit' in the notes - and we'll donate another dollar!

For more information on Rafiki Mwema also #WearYourPyjamasToWorkDay And don't forget, we're hiring at Barefruit. So if you want to join in the fun that is our office, check positions available here.