North Coast No Space for Weeds

North Coast No Space for Weeds

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North Coast No Space for Weeds


No Space For Weeeeeds is part of the North Coast Local Land Services, they aim to increase awareness of weeds within the community, encourage people to understand weeds and know how to report and control them correctly.

The work

North Coast No Space for Weeds (part of North Coast Local Land Services) approached us to design some print collateral to run alongside their "No Space For Weeeeeds campaign. The aim was to help promote awareness of weed identification and prevention in the local community. They were attending the annual PRIMEX event (Australia’s sustainable farm and primary industries exhibition) and was in need of a six-page A5 fact sheet flyer to hand out to event attendees with information on how to prevent spreading weeds from one location to another.

As part of their weeds awareness campaign, they requested our graphic design services to revamp their existing annual weed awareness calendar to not only reflect their branding but to also have a clean, modern look and feel. This calendar was to be distributed to local farmers within the North Coast to help with the identification process of a particular weed and provide solutions on how to treat and prevent the weed from spreading.

No Space for Weeds Calendar
No Space for Weeds Flyer
No Space for Weeds Flyer
No Space for Weeds Flyer

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