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Rugby Palooza - Branding & Website


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We were approached by Andrew Fraser

The work

We started the process with a brand naming brainstorm and the client arrived at using Rugby Palooza Conference. Using this our goal was to create an easy to use identity that was both sporty and professional with the aim of the conference attracting some of Australia's, if not the world's best rugby coaches.

The final logo concept utilised the rugby ball shape into an abstract pattern with different colours to represent the meeting of different teams from all over the country. The joining of the shape was a nice way to create a networking concept for the identity. We created stacked, horizontal and badge logo designs that could be easily applied in a cool fun way to merchandise as well as other marketing collateral such as the website. The identity was also adapted and considered the location placement of the conference as the conference location will change each year, so we created a simple logo lock-up to accommodate this.

We also designed and built the Rugby Palooza Conference website, a simple one pager site that could drive traffic to a ticketing platform as well build upon as the conferences continue in the future.


Rugby Palooza logo 2
Rugby Palooza website

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