What is Local SEO and why does it matter?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a digital strategy that improves your website’s visibility to search engines in terms of search engine result ranks. The goal is to ensure your website is one of the first few links on search result pages. However, when it comes to businesses who service local areas (which is most of us in Ballina), Local SEO is arguably even more important. It is a strategy that uses location-based information to provide online users with relevant and meaningful search results. In doing so, your business can rank more highly on Google, resulting in more traffic to your website and boosting your brand awareness.


How it works

When you search for a service or product using location terms like “Ballina” or “near me”, Google will serve you a map of your local area with the top 3 business listings relevant to that search. This is called the ‘3-pack’ and it appears before all other search results (and it’s free!).

Local SEO starts with creating a Google My Business account. It’s a very simple process. All you need is a Google account. Add as much information about your business and business offering in this profile. Include contact information, opening hours, images, videos, links to your website and social media profiles etc. All this information will help Google understand who you are so it can serve your business as an option to someone who is looking for your services or products.

Google search of Barefruit Marketing
Find customers when they need you

The beauty of Local SEO is that it is incredibly timely. According to Google, 76% of people who made a local search using their smartphone visited a business from their search within 24 hours. Of those people, 28% made a purchase. Why? Because local SEO engages potential customers with your business when they are really interested in your offering. When customers are in this state of mind, they are far more likely to make a purchase. Local SEO executed properly can be more powerful than many other short-term marketing activities.


Google search Barefruit Marketing

The criteria Google uses to select businesses for the 3-pack are relevance, distance and prominence (how well-known Google considers your business to be). Google reviews are extremely important in establishing your business’s prominence as they indicate to Google that your business is well known and well liked. Potential customers also heavily rely on Google reviews to determine which business within the local industry they want to make a purchase with. Reviews will help you compete against competitors, and they can give you a great advantage. So, once your Google My Business account is set up, make an effort to collect reviews from customers.


The movement to buy local is stronger than ever before and Local SEO capitalises on it. Go and set your Google My Business account up so people can find you when they really need you.


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How to Use Instagram for Your Small Business

how to use instagram for small business

With 2022 now in full swing (we can’t believe it either!), it's time to talk how you are going to best use your social media presence to support and grow your business.  To make the most of customer's attention (and pocket), your business needs to be visible, attractive and engaging for customers in spaces where they spend most time. Yes, a shop front in town will do just that, but don’t forget where many of us spend hours of the day scrolling…Instagram. And so, here’s a few top tips to help you get the most out of your Instagram in the next few months.

Engage your community

Use the additional features on Instagram to create experiences that your customers can interact with. We’re talking polls, quizzes and interactive GIFs, as well as Instagram Live, Reels and Stories. When you engage and ask your followers for their voice, opinions and ideas, you start to build trust and transparency, as well as getting great feedback you can use to up your social game.

Go Live

Instagram Live opens up a whole new level of user engagement. Brands can showcase their products or services, demonstrate in-real-life use, discuss the production process – you can talk about anything in great detail which creates really valuable information for customers. Users that join the Live can pose questions and make comments in real-time, creating an authentic brand-customer experience you can’t simulate anywhere else.

Engage your community
Video is everything

Video content is everything on Instagram and you must use it showcase your products or services in fun, engaging and authentic ways. Product shots just don’t cut it anymore, so hit the record button instead. The beauty of Instagram Reels is that you can use trending edits and music as inspiration which not only makes the creativity part much easier, but also boosts your video’s chance of reaching a much wider audience. Don’t stress about not having all the tech skills, your smartphone and the editing software in Instagram is all you need. And the more ‘real’ you can be, the better.

Video is everything
Word of mouth

You need to tell everyone about your new business. Your friends, your family, neighbours, local publications, radio stations, competitors, other businesses, the community etc. Write a press release and send it to the local publications, invest in print and digital advertising, be present on socials and use your customer service skills to set yourself apart.

And with that, you’ll have launched a brand that is set up for success. But, of course, the hard work has only just begun.

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What clients are saying

It was great working with Jennica and Claire from Barefruit Marketing. They really took time to understand my project and delivered amazing ‘pitch’ / media release to appeal to journalists and media corporations. I felt comfortable sharing my ideas, and they were able to capture my vision and marry it to their expertise. Would highly recommend.

Alex Bosin

EV Classic

I'd like to say a huge thank you to Claire and Charlotte from Barefruit Marketing who have helped me in the last couple of months to pull this amazing media event together. The agency has offered their services on a pro bono basis, I am so grateful for the work they have done. Claire and Charlotte have been my unconditional support crew to lean on for advice and ideas, and I am excited about how our relationship will move forward in the next few months.

Kate Kempshall

North Coast Community College

I have been using Barefruit for my SEO and website development for Behind the Barrel. The best part about Barefruit is your're not just getting the attention of one of their staff members. The whole team works together to help bring the best possible outcome for your business marketing. I highly recommend Evan and his team if you want to take your business marketing to the next level.


Behind the Barrel

The Barefruit team is always friendly, helpful and very professional. They have taken the time to understand our business needs and develop a effective strategy to grow our brand.

Andrew Illingworth

Tweed Coast Holiday Parks

Just want to say a HUGE thank you to each and every one of the team for the website. You all went over and above and most certainly went above my expectations. I'm extremely happy with it (been bragging a bit about it just quietly) and couldn't have done it without you all. Thank you for bringing this to life.

Trent Chapman

Prevent Consultants

East Coast Building Consultants – Integrated Marketing Campaign

East Coast Building Consultants

Integrated Digital Marketing Campaign

Byron Bay FM East Coast Building Consultants Website


The work

Initially, Barefruit were engaged by East Coast Building Consultants, a building inspection services company in Byron, to build a website. There is no point in having a website that no one knows about, and so this job evolved into a strategy and implementation of an integrated digital marketing campaign to make sure this website came to life.

The digital campaign was rolled out across the website, Facebook and Instagram, email marketing, and Google My Business. A series of Facebook ads (which are also served on Instagram) were developed with specific audiences in mind. The ads were Facebook Instant Experience ads which give users the opportunity to discover more about the services on offer while remaining on the platform. The ads directed people to customised landing pages for each service provided by East Coast Building Consultants. To support the increase in keyword search, we developed blog posts for each service. Our campaign was reinforced by email marketing and Google My Business posts. Like all integrated campaigns, we rolled the creative out across traditional media, including a DL flyer and a Press Ad. In addition to the ongoing digital campaigns we run for East Coast Building Consultants, this client is part of our SEO program.

Search Engine Optimisation and digital marketing/ advertising work symbiotically, supporting and improving results for each other. This campaign and the SEO program working together resulted in a 73% increase of traffic to the website and a 50% increase in conversions made on the site (click to call, click to email, complete contact form). Inquiries made through Google My Business were up by 20%, and website clicks were boosted by 40%.

Social Media Mock-Up
iPhone Website
DL flyer mock up

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    Raine & Horne – Integrated Marketing Campaign

    Raine & Horne

    Integrated Advertising Campaign

    The work

    Barefruit was engaged by nationally recognised real estate company Raine & Horne to bring a fully integrated campaign including a television commercial, press, outdoor and online to fruition. In a highly competitive market – we went above and beyond standard real estate advertising to produce a commercial and overarching campaign. ‘We’ll Love Your Listing’ has a refreshingly different approach and leaves a heart-warming impression on its audience. This was a major project for Raine & Horne, produced by Barefruit’s in-house creative team and the employment of film director, camera and lighting team from Sydney and the Northern Rivers, as well as local hair, make-up and interior stylists.

    Raine & Horne were ecstatic with the end result, a beautiful campaign that stands out from a saturated market, tells truth in a heart-warming way and has serious longevity.

    Raine & Horne Billboard
    Raine & Horne Facebook Mock Up
    Raine & Horne Bus Wrap
    Raine & Horne Bus Wrap
    Raine & Horne Bus Wrap
    Raine & Horne Bus Wrap
    Raine & Horne Print Ad
    Raine & Horne Print Bus ad
    Raine & Horne - Billboard
    Raine & Horne Print Ad
    Raine & Horne Print Ad

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      Make your Facebook Ads perform like never before

      When people talk about how to set up Facebook Ads, they have previously attributed success to targeting (that’s your audiences). Yes, nailing your Audience is very important as you should always be communicating with consumers who are interested and in need of your product or service. But, with Facebook comes something no other advertising channel allows: Conversion Optimisation. AKA, targeting people who are most likely to take actions in the consumer funnel.

      Facebook doesn’t show your ad to every person on your audience. Your ads are only shown to a small segment of that audience. Knowing this, you’d want that segment of the audience who are shown the ad to be the most interested, and actionable consumers… so you can make more sales. With Conversion Optimisation, you can make sure your ads are served to these people.

      So how does it work?

      Essentially, Facebook has so much data on each individual user, that it is now possible to target people based on how they are predicted to act when served your ad. When you set up a Facebook ads Gold Coast, you can now tell Facebook to optimise your ad for ‘Add to Cart’ clicks or ‘Initiate checkout’ clicks, even ‘Purchase’ clicks. So, with a defined, targeted audience, and optimisation for conversion you’re well on your way to a successful Facebook ad campaign.

      We've seen Conversion Optimisation work before our very own eyes!

      Trust us, we have seen how tweaking conversion optimisation has completely turned a Facebook campaign around. We ran a Facebook campaign for a client whose aim was to make more online sales. In setting up the campaign, we initially selected the goal ‘Traffic’ and directed consumers to the product page on their client’s website. We’d selected this goal, because we wanted to drive much traffic to the website as possible. But we didn’t consider if that traffic would be likely to purchase. After a few days, we’d only had one sale, and so we investigated what we could do better. Then we found this article about ad optimisation. After tweaking the campaign to have the goal ‘Conversions’, and to be optimised for the ‘Add to cart’ conversion event, 70+ orders were placed within a week. We were amazed with the result of a simple tweak.

      So, now that you’re convinced Conversion Optimisation is going to be your new best-friend, let’s dive into how to set up ads that will make your money well worth it.

      Set up your Campaign with the goal ‘Conversions’

      If you’re selling product online, then set up your Facebook campaign with the goal ‘Conversions’. This is the very first decision you make about your campaign, and you’ll need to make sure your Facebook Pixel is connected to your website in order for this type of goal to work. On a side note, here is how to create and add a Facebook Pixel to your website.


      Facebook Campaign for Conversions Goal
      Choose your Conversion Event

      Now that your campaign is set up for conversions, you’ll need to select a conversion event in the Ad Set. This is a certain action a consumer takes on their path to purchasing a product and works alongside the Consumer Funnel (a nifty marketing model we still use all the time). The conversion event is where you’ll choose what action you want your audience to take.

      Facebook Ad Conversion Event Selection

      Now, generally speaking, we’d want people to purchase your product, so choosing the event ‘Purchase’ seems obvious. Well, actually, you’ll miss a heap of people who might be interested in your product by selected such a small segment. Referring to the Consumer Funnel below, you’ll see that at each ‘conversion event’ you move through you lose consumers along the way. Hence, the upside-down triangle, indicative of the market size for each event.

      Consumer Funnel

      If you’re looking to reach a lot of interested people (and especially if this is your first-time advertising on Facebook), choose either ‘Leads’ or ‘Add to Cart’. If you are running a retarget ad, you’ll want to choose an event further down the Consumer Funnel, because you know they already are interested in what you are selling. Facebook’s rule of thumb is that you need to select an event that is being completed at least 15-25 times a week. Why? Because Facebook uses the data from goal completions to help place your ad in front of consumers who are predicted to act in the same way.

      It’s time to talk Search Engine Marketing

      Spring has sprung! While we’re relieved that the Northern Rivers hasn’t experienced a second wave in terms of increasing COVID cases, it’s hard to hear that local businesses are still copping the brunt of the economic slow-down. It’s time to put on your "adapt to survive” hat and look for opportunities in places where business is growing. And one of those places is online!

      Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is one of the most important marketing channels to generate web traffic to your website. It’s the process of increasing website visibility on search engine results pages though paid search advertising. If Google Ads, previously known as AdWords, rings a bell, this is what we are talking about. With millions of businesses out there vying for the same eyeballs, online advertising to promote your products or services has never been so crucial.

      Bidding on keywords

      Google Ads is a platform which allows you to bid on keywords to have your ads shown when people are doing searches on Google. You bid against other advertisers for the right to have your ad shown in several places on the Google Search results page. You only pay, however, when a user clicks on your ad. By setting a daily budget, you can cap the amount that you spend each day. You could set a budget of $5 or $10 per day and know that you are only paying for those who click on your ad (and hence visit your website).

      More than just search

      While SEM is great for attracting those who are searching for particular keywords, Google Ads also provides the opportunity to show your ads on other platforms. Advertising on the Google Display Network means your ads have the opportunity to be shown on millions of sites such as YouTube, eBay, Amazon and Gumtree.

      Catch them looking

      Everybody knows the experience of looking at a product and then suddenly getting those ads shown to you again.  This is a technique called remarketing that allows Google to show your ads to people who have previously shown an interest in your brand.  This works on the old marketing “rule of seven” that people need to be exposed to your message 7 times before they take action. 

      SEM is focused on converting

      While traditional advertising works to grow your brand awareness, SEM reaches people actively searching, people who are ready to buy. When someone clicks on your ad your landing page should guide them through the sales process… and voila! You’ve made a sale, gathered new leads, subscribers or sign-ups.

      Now that you’ve got an idea of the potential for online advertising Gold Coast, set up your Google Ads account. There are heaps of tutorials on YouTube to help you get going. Google even has a free online course on Google Skillshop to get you started.

      UPA Home Care: Advertising Campaign

      UPA Home Care

      Advertising Campiagn


      the brief

      UPA North Coast are providers of Aged Care Services, as well as Youth Care Services and Residential Care on the North Coast. An award-winning provider that has been established in the Home Care industry, with an excellent reputation, since 1995. UPA North Coast approached us wanting to grow awareness of their brand and to talk directly to the people who may need their services along with the people whose parents may need Aged Care services one day.

      our response

      We created and rolled out a campaign for UPA North Coast called 'Keep Your Traditions'. This campaign was specifically for their Home Care Service sector. The 30-second emotive Television Commercial is centred around concerns that one may have as they age which may result in the need for Home Care services. With an aim to put everyones minds at ease that they are in compassionate hands, the television commercial shows the audience a “Family Tradition” scene that we all know and love – Sunday roast with  the family.

      In support of the television commercial, Barefruit created additional marketing collateral to ensure an integrated marketing campaign. A comprehensive information booklet showcasing and explaining  UPA North Coast Home Care Services was designed. This booklet includes all of the vital first port of call information including; information about the not-for-profit, cost of services and ways you can access services. This was supported by an attractive and informative brochure, that summarises the information in the booklet succinctly.

      BFM TV Advertisement and Marketing Collateral
      advertising agency northern rivers

      the fruits

      This kind of strategic and focused campaign is both challenging and highly rewarding to pull together. When executed correctly it  creates incredible brand awareness, emotional response in the audience and excellent results for the client, which makes us extremely happy!

      You can read more about UPA North Coast and the service they offer here.

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        Fresh Fruit for the Office

        Fliss and Cat Barefruit Employees

        Here at Barefruit, we love fresh fruit ??? Not just the type you get from the local grocer but also new additions to our team!

        Our management team put their noggins together and defined what makes a stand-out Barefruit employee? The ability to determine effective strategies, to see the bigger picture and to know that no ‘one size fits all’ in the world of marketing. With this in mind, Barefruit recently recruited two new team members – a new Digital Account Director, Felismina Jom, and Agency Manager, Cat Smith. Felismina is a creative thinker, a mother of two, and a kind and happy soul. While Cat is a fun-loving Jill of all trades whose creativity and caring nature flows into her work seamlessly; and, of course, they’re both a bit fruity!

        Meet Cat – Doggo Lover and Agency Manager

        Originating from New Zealand Cat has also previously worked for companies such as Vodafone, KPMG and Westpac. On relocating to Sydney Australia in 2012, Cat worked at RedBalloon and Macquarie Bank, before moving to Lennox Head in 2016. Cat is an experienced Office Manager and Executive Assistant, generally working in HR or Learning and Development teams.

        Cat, while formally appointed the Agency Manager at Barefruit, also looks after everything from finance and Human Resources (HR) to cleaning the fish tank that is home to our resident fish named ‘Chips’! By far the most important part of Cat’s role, besides Chips, is the wellbeing of the Barefruit team. She has a passion for creating a great employee experience and work culture for the team. This enthusiasm stems from her time at RedBalloon as their Employee Experience Coordinator. Cat also holds a diploma in Event Management and Interior Design and has her own creative hobby business – making custom macramé wall hangings and hosting workshops in her spare time. You can find her work on Instagram and Facebook by searching for The Knot Smith.

        Meet Felisimina – Digital Account Director and Tap Dancing Diva

        Felisminas creative nature had her dreaming of a career as a tap dancer! But instead, she opted for University and graduated with a Business Degree. Just like her tap-dancing days, she moved quickly and tapped into her skills to begin her career as a Change Management Consultant working on training and communication for large scale IT projects. This role set Felismina up as a sort of “middle-woman” for the technical/digital world.

        Related Tags: Branding Gold Coast

        Always being one to jump at opportunities that come her way, Felismina and her husband left corporate jobs to start their very own digital agency in 2000 – back when the world was only in Web 1.0! Witnessing the World Wide Web evolve and how it has affected businesses, of all scales, Felismina has supported many small to medium-sized businesses enabling them to thrive through digital solutions. While the agency continues to operate in Sydney, Felismina, her husband and two sons Mani and Max made the leap North to the beautiful town of Lennox Head. Felismina utilised her experience and expertise to support small business owners through government programs where she aided them in implementing their very own digital strategies. In pivoting back to agency work at Barefruit Marketing, Felismina remains passionate about helping clients to navigate the increasingly complex digital world to meet real business objectives. Bringing her renewed energy to implement digital solutions at Barefruit – the team can’t wait to see what she achieves.

        Cat and Felismina have joined the team at an exciting time for Barefruit. Started by Claire and Evan Harding after a collective 30-year career in UK agencies, the agency is celebrating its seventh year as an all-service agency; marking the occasion with a branding refresh and awareness campaigns that encompass the Barefruit ethos. With an increasing demand for marketing locally and nationally, the Barefruit Marketing team are excited about what’s in store. This regional agency provides expertise right across the marketing mix – from strategy and planning to advertising, design, PR, events, website design and Felismina’s speciality, digital marketing.

        As the agency expands we are always on the lookout for talented and creative individuals who share the Barefruit Marketing Ethos. Get in touch with the team and say hey!

        TEBCO Electric Bicycles

        TEBCO Electric Bicycles

        Branding refresh for Australia’s original and leading Electric Bicycle Company

        TEBCO Electric Bicycles

        the brief…

        to redesign logo and establish the brand as the leading (and original) electric bicycle company and use the new branding across all marketing touch points. As well as build a custom website.

        cultivating solution

        redesign TEBCO’s current logo and redesign all flyers, banners, ads with the new logo and branding to create branding unison and to establish a unique custom built website to house all of the range and spare parts, set up a live chat function and a shop to leverage an overall premium brand identity, online presence and utilise this to push purchases.

        resulting fruit

        branding got a total refresh across all touch points. A unique and attractive website was created that appeals to its audience and differentiates TEBCO, the original electric bicycle company from its competitors.

        We here at TEBCO have been utilising the services of Barefruit Marketing for over 12mths and have found them to be fabulously creative, efficient and professional partners in helping us drive our business - I could not speak more highly of the entire Barefruit Marketing team.

        Tony Morgan


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