How to Develop a Creative Strategy

Having a solid creative strategy for your campaigns can set you apart from your competitors. Your creative strategy is all about defining what your advertising goals are, and planning on how you are going to achieve them through innovative advertising and marketing approaches that will appeal to your audience. For example, using humour to appeal to your audience or showcase everyday use of your product through a series of social videos.

For business owners, we know this can sound overwhelming. However, spending time planning a strategy ensures your campaign has purpose, direction and goals to achieve. It makes the rest of the work involved in building a campaign much easier too. Let us break it down for you.

Define your goals

What do you want your advertising to achieve? Every campaign has different goals, whether that is to grow your audience, generate more leads, make more sales or  something else. It’s important to set both short term and long term goals that are financial and non-financial (it isn’t always about the moolah). Our top tip is to use the SMART model when writing goals for your campaign…and keep the number of goals for a campaign to one or two, maximum.

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Write a creative strategy statement

Now use your goals to develop a creative strategy statement. This statement is like a mission statement that outlines how you aim to achieve these goals. It should focus on the reason for the creative strategy, who you are aiming to appeal to and through what creative approach.

Choose your KPIs

Use key performance indicators (KPIs) to track your campaign and check whether you’re on the way to achieving your goal or not. KIPs are dependent on what your goals are. For example, if your goal is to grow your audience, then your KPIs might be increase of social media following and increase of website and/ or foot traffic. If your ad is running on Facebook and Instagram, you will be able to access real-time data about its performance in Ads Manager.

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Determine your target audience and message

Defining your audience is arguably the most important aspect of your strategy because it determines how you will craft your message. The length, tone and delivery of your message will depend on your target audience and their values. Other things to consider is what the content will look like, and where it will appear.

Set your dates

The last step of your creative strategy is to develop a timeline for your campaign. This is usually split into the time spent creating and implementing the strategy, when and how long the campaign will run for, and dates to see results. Timelines helps with the allocation of resources and keeps everyone involved in the project accountable.


With these steps, your will set your business up for a successful campaign that has purpose and will (hopefully) result in the achievement of your goal.

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Barefruit takes out top gong!

Starting with one woman in the living room of her Lennox Head home, Claire Harding explored the possibility of establishing her own boutique marketing agency, founded on providing the Lennox community with one thing in mind – we want to do what we love, be part of the business community and help them grow.

Barefruit Marketing, established in early 2012 is now a full service, integrated marketing agency run by husband and wife Claire and Evan Harding. Together they have over 40 years combined experience, as marketing consultants in the communications industry, in the UK and Australia.

The business has grown year on year, and now employs 8 local people and the service of several local contractors. Barefruit works independently as the client’s ‘marketing department’ or alongside an existing marketing team on an ongoing or project basis. Services include strategic planning, branding, advertising, websites, graphic design, social media management, PR and Events.

Barefruit have now won the 'Business of the Year' award at the Lennox Head Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards 2017 for the second consecutive year, winning this award as well as the award for the Professional Services category both years too.

To be recognised for this award is a huge achievement and one that all Lennox Head business owners would love to be recognised for, but there could only be one winner and lucky Barefruit take the award home two years in a row.

"We can’t believe it! Last year was a massive honour, to win Business of the Year in the town that we have made home, amongst so many wonderfully talented people. To win this award for the second consecutive year is a huge achievement for our team and our business, especially being up against so many other contenders, many of which we know," Claire said.

We are based in River Street, Ballina. The office dubbed ‘Barefruit Towers’ comprises of open plan workspaces, breakout sections highlighted with the bright Barefruit orange, artwork and a meeting/brainstorming room with space for clients and the Barefruit team to meet and regularly create. They also have a second dedicated home office space in Lennox Head (where the story began).

"We love Lennox (‘scuse the pun) and chose to live, raise our family and start our business here. The recent Love Lennox Festival was a really proud day for Lennox, with so many businesses getting behind it – the Chamber did a fantastic job pulling it together and we were proud to be part of it" Claire said.

"We employ a team of specialists to suit our clients. With four account managers that support us and act as our clients' day to day point of contact, as well as graphic designers, web designers, photographers and key industry partners."

We are greatly involved within the local community, supporting and working with local businesses and events, donating their time at the Love Lennox Festival for the last few years, as well as working with local businesses including BCMC (Ballina Campervan & Motorhome Centre) and Horizon Motorhomes, who took home the ‘Best Big Business’ Award and Beef+Beach Lennox Head who also took home the award for the 'Best Visitor Experience in Hospitality' Monday night.

Mrs Harding is also a dedicated board member for the Rafiki Mwema charity, a therapeutic safe house for young girls and boys in Kenya, run by three businesswomen from Lennox Head.

"We are very proud to be Lennox residents, business owners and a part of the local community. We want to do what we love, for people and brands that interest and inspire us, and we are so lucky that we have so many interesting and inspiring brands and people around us”, she said.

We now have quite a collection of awards including:

2015 - 'Best Home-Based/Online Business' at the Ballina Chamber of Commerce Awards, ‘Best Professional Service’ at the Northern Rivers Business Awards, State Finalist at the NSW Business Awards

2016 - ‘Business of the Year’ and ‘Professional Services’ at the Lennox Head Chamber of Commerce Awards, 'Excellence in Small Business' at the Ballina Business Awards, 'State Finalists' in the National Optus Business Awards for Marketing Communications in NSW Business Awards in Sydney.