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The brief

The University Centre for Rural Health (UCRH) is a collaborative academic hub for rural health development, located in the heart of Lismore in the northern Rivers. It is a joint venture between University of Sydney, Western Sydney University, the University of Wollongong, and Southern Cross University and operates in close collaboration with Northern NSW Local Health Networks.

UCRH engaged Barefruit with the exciting task of revitalising their brand, embarking on a creative journey to reignite their identity. Working closely with the UCRH in-house team, the overall project had three components:

  • Brand / Logo refresh
  • A new website

Our response

First, we breathed new life into their brand with a new brandmark, infusing it with vitality whilst honouring its heritage and preserving elements of the much-loved flame tree that sits in the centre of the campus. Next, we designed and developed a shiny new, user-centric website that serves as a captivating gateway to the Centre. The website was designed and structured so that it can adapt and grow with the University. From there, we curated a suite of meticulously branded templates and documents, ensuring consistency and professionalism across all touchpoints.

We introduced the brand identity to the entire team at the University using an interactive presentation and breakout workshops to train the team in using the new identity and templates in their everyday roles.

The fruits

Together, we’ve not only refreshed UCRH’S visual identity but also laid the foundation for a cohesive brand narrative that resonates with staff, students and the wider community. It’s been a privilege to collaborate with UCRH, and we’re looking forward to seeing the new branding rolled out over the coming months.



UCRH website
URCH Poster
URCH Letterhead and Email Signature
URCH Style Guide
URCH Style Guide
URCH Style Guide

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    The Power of People

    Team of Women Collaborating

    The Power of People

    Stop, collaborate and listen…

    Without collaboration, networking and connection, there is no local business community. Forging strong relationships with all our business partners has always been an important part of the way we roll, and we believe that focusing on honest and transparent work relationships leads to productive and long-term partnerships, as well as the development of new and exciting business opportunities.

    IRL networking

    They might sound old-fashioned if you’re under 30, but actively participating in face-to-face networking, sharing your knowledge and expertise, and really engaging with others, will help build relationships and establish you as a reputable and trusted person people want to do business with. This ultimately helps build your brand and drive new business. Networking events (we like the ones with free breakfast or wine) are a great way to get yourself out there.

    Networking can be challenging if you’re not a fan of public speaking (or people), but believe me, putting yourself out there will help you develop these skills. The wine helps too (haha), but seriously, the more you network, the more confident you’ll become about speaking about your business and what you can offer. I used to be physically sick before new business meetings, but now, after regularly attending networking events (and getting all grown up), I still get a little sweaty, but no more vom.

    Give back

    Offering your services pro-bono, such as organising an event, writing a column for a the best mag in town (ahem), or designing a logo for a local charity, is a great way to establish long-term relationships and keep you, and your business, front of mind. Sponsoring a local team, charity or event, is another great way to connect with the community – and it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

    In small communities like ours, recommendation and word of mouth is very powerful, so if you’re doing something good in the community, people will get to know about it.

    Winner winner, chicken dinner

    Local business awards are a great way to meet potential new clients, connect with the business community and have a laugh, something we all need to do, often. We can vouch for this - the business awards we’ve entered over the years have generated some great connections and long-lasting relationships, locally and further afield.

    Remember, if we’re still in business after what the last few years have thrown at us - we’re all winners.

    Barefruit x

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    Should your business be using Insta Reels and TikTok’s in 2023?

    Mobile Image

    Haven’t you heard Instagram reels are taking over the world!!... just kidding, but also not really. Currently Instagram Reels and TikTok videos are all the new rage and heck we are all here for it! They are short, fun and engaging videos ranging anywhere from 10-90seconds in length. They give business’s an opportunity to showcase their businesses personality and make creative content that is easily digestible. With the busy nature of many consumers lives, they simply just don’t have the time to be sitting on their phone reading long paragraphs from businesses, nor do they want to… as let’s be real ‘ain’t nobody got time for dat’!

    What are the Advantages of using video media forms (reels and TikTok)?

    Now here’s why Instagram Reels and TikTok’s will become your knight in shining armour this year! Currently Instagram’s algorithm is favouring reels. This means that when you post one, Instagram will be more likely to push your content out and recommend it to other potential customers who don’t yet follow you. Instagram is loving reels so much they even got their own page on the new Instagram update last year, meaning they are now more visible then ever!

    What to consider when creating your video

    Let’s be real no one wants to watch a video that is boring and just plain blah, so it’s important to keep in mind these key things when creating your content!

    1. Educating your audience

    Educating your audience on your product or service offering should be at the top of your priority list when it comes to your social media marketing strategy! It’s important to show how your product works, its value, and identify why it’s the clear winner over its key competitors.

    2. Utilising Trending Sounds to boost your audience reach

    Using trending sounds is a great way to help boost your videos traffic! Using trending sounds with less than 10K reel uses will help to boost your content even more as it means your video will be one of the most shown under that sound! Utilising trending sounds gives your video a better opportunity to be featured on Instagram’s ‘Explore Page’ and TikTok’s ‘For You Page’ which is basically like gold for social media! The Instagram explore page alone gets foot traffic of approximately 200million users each day and half a million users every month.

    3. Create clear, engaging, and fun visuals

    The whole point of Instagram reels and TikTok’s is to generate content that is fast, engaging, and eye-catching! With these videos, comes an opportunity to reflect your brands personality, pull in more like-minded consumers and consequently increase brand engagement. Creating videos that feature yourself the owner, staff and your workplace environment is a great way of making your customers feel like they are a part of your community and know you personally, therefor increasing consumer confidence. Both Instagram reels and TikTok’s gives creators the opportunity to utilise visual filter effects, text layovers, stickers, songs and GIFs… all tools helping to create content that is engaging.

    What should my reels be about?

    We understand how hard it can be when it comes to creating content, so we have listed a few ideas to get you started!

    Content ideas:

    • Answering FAQ’s
    • Tips
    • Behind the scenes
    • Sales or specials
    • Product usage
    • Meet the team
    • Getting involved in funny trends


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    Shooting on a budget

    Photoshoot on a Budget

    Photoshoots on a budget

    They say a picture tells a thousand words and these days, given the power of brand images on social media, it’s probably even more. We all know great photographs, videos and images are the make or break when it comes to showcasing your product or business. Blurred, distant or pixelated images are obviously not going to win you any fans, but in saying that, gone are the days when you need to spend a motza on a camera or professional, to get the content you need for some (not all) of your marketing.

    That’s right, the phone sitting in your pocket is pretty damn impressive and if your model doesn’t date back to 1998, it will more than likely rival the quality of an expensive camera. If you’re considering updating your images and promoting your brand, we have a few tips and tricks for you to get the ball rolling, or in this case, the camera clicking.

    Plan, plan, plan

    Believe it or not, planning your shoot is just as important as taking the actual photos. It’s important to consider the kind of content you want, as well as how it will actually be used in the creative vision for your brand. It’s also imperative to identify your key audience to ensure your brand’s message is visually consistent across all channels. We recommend storyboarding, as it is  an effective way to plan out what you actually want to achieve on the day of your shoot. Being prepared across timings, props and locations, will guarantee a smooth-running, cost-effective photoshoot.

    Lights, Camera, Action

    Once you’ve got the plan for the day under control, it’s time to get creative (and have some fun at the same time). Ditch the expensive studio lighting, hit the outdoors and take advantage of the incredible natural sunlight we have in this part of the world. If you do need to amp up the brightness, use a windscreen sun reflector for an inexpensive lighting hack. Explore unusual angles, rather than shooting from the same spot all the time. This will not only allow you to get closer to the subject in an original and thought-provoking manner, but will produce more interesting results than the standard head shot that you see on LinkedIn!

    Let’s leave the shell-shocked surprised looks the flash creates aside and use diffused light instead. Portrait mode adds an extra stand-out element to your photos (but beware, it also highlights wrinkles!) and using interesting props or our beautiful, natural surroundings will make your pictures truly memorable. If getting visually creative isn’t really your thing, bribe one of your team with coffee and an early finish, and let them take the reins. Who knows, you might actually  have a budding photographer on your hands!

    Make a good photo great

    Before you upload your new photos, be sure to go through them carefully and take the time to edit them. There are a range of free, or cheap, tools and apps that are easy to use and are designed to enhance the lighting, texture and quality of your shots. Even if you know next to nothing about taking photos, aside from where to find the camera app in your phone, you’ll still be able to garner amazing new content for your brand and most importantly, save money!

    Check out the full Byron Wave article here


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    Social Media: The Ultimate Tool for Local Businesses

    For local Lennox businesses, social media is your ultimate wingman, to help you showcase and share your products and services with the local community. With social media, you can create a buzz, have a giggle with your customers, and build a loyal following that will stick with you through the good times and the bad times (but we don’t want anymore of those).

    Build a string brand on Social Media

    Unleash your business's full potential and give your profiles a makeover that will make even the Kardashians jealous. Think about your brand personality and your brand colours and create scroll-stopping images and graphics. Is your bio up to date? Make it informative and engaging that your followers feel like they're chatting with their new bestie. Don't forget to include a link to your website or online store so they can easily find their way to your amazing products and services. With a strong brand presence on social media, your local business will shine brighter than the Norfolk Pine at Christmas!

    Engage with your followers

    The true magic of social media lies in the power of connection. Connect with your followers and make them feel like part of your business family. Respond to comments, ask questions, and create polls. Don't be afraid to show your followers what goes on behind the scenes of your business - think of it like a VIP backstage pass to your company's awesomeness! Last but not least, make sure to big up your team and show off their amazing achievements. The more you engage with your followers, the more they'll feel like they're part of the inner circle - and that's some serious social media magic.

    Run Social Media Contests

    Who doesn't love a good contest? Social media contests are a great way to generate buzz, increase engagement, and reward your loyal followers. You could offer a free product or service to the winner, or a discount code for their next purchase. Make sure to promote the contest across all your social media channels and encourage followers to share it with their friends.

    Partner with local influences

    Another way to elevate your local business is to partner with local influencers. We’re talking about the local legend that everyone knows and loves (they don’t need a massive following). These are people who can help promote your brand to their audience. Reach out to people that align with your brand values and see if they're interested in collaborating. You could offer them a free product or service in exchange for a social media shoutout or review.

    We’ve said this before, but if your business isn’t already on social media, what ya doin – jump on in! Social is a powerful tool for local businesses to connect with their community, build a strong brand presence, and lift their marketing game. By following these tips and tricks, you'll be well on your way to social media stardom. So, go forth and conquer!


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    Early Up – Print & Socials

    Early Up - Print & Socials


    Early Up - Print Advertisement
    Early Up - Advertorial

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      Business Communications During Crisis

      It’s over a month now since our region saw the most devastating flood event ever recorded. And what an intense time it has been for our community. Our hearts go out to those affected (both directly and indirectly) and we extend our deepest gratitude for everyone who answered (and continue to answer) the call for help from friends, family, neighbours, and strangers; getting stuck in to help where it was (is) needed most.

      Our local business community had already been tested and pushed to their absolute limits over the last few years with Covid, but nothing could prepare us for the tragedy of this natural disaster. The events that unfolded hour by hour and day by day were horrific and we think it’s safe to say, that those of us who had businesses left, were in complete shock of what to do next.

      Check on your people

      Our first move as a business, was to reach out to our own team and make sure they were safe or if they needed anything. Once the team were all accounted for, we needed to check on the other important people that bring our business to life – clients, suppliers, and contractors. We quickly assessed each of their individual situations and acted accordingly. Ranging from completely devastated to temporarily closed, and everything in between, one clear theme emerged – sensitivity, empathy and relevance were needed across the board in all business communications.

      Business Communications During A Crisis

      Sensitivity and Empathy

      Even if your business was completely unaffected from the floods it’s likely that your customers have been affected in some way. Acknowledge the event and how your business is responding. Even if you intend to carry on business as usual, it’s not advisable to downplay or ignore the situation for fear of scaring off potential customers.
      It is also imperative that your tone of voice and the language you use is sensitive to what people might be feeling and experiencing.


      Asking people to buy while they (or those around them) are in trauma and crisis is only going to do harm to your business reputation. Instead, communicate what you can do or offer to others at this time to make life a little easier. Make sure you check on all running and scheduled campaigns and pause them if you need to. Check all scheduled social media posts and decide if they are still relevant or whether they should be rescheduled for another time. Ensure that any automated communications are reviewed, tweaked, and amended to reflect the current situation. Emails that were drafted weeks ago, may not be well-received. We recommend sending out an email to your entire database acknowledging the crisis, including any information about how your business has been affected and what this means for regular business operations (trading hours, possible delays, etc) and how you intend to help the community.

      A helping hand

      In the best-case scenario, you would find ways that your business can help. We decided to pay all our team two full days for volunteering and cleaning up, and we know we certainly weren’t the only business doing this. It was important we got involved because we love and are part of this community and that’s what we do – help each other. We live in such a loving, caring community and we are so proud to be part of it. We are in this together now and for months to come. We encourage anyone who has yet to reach out and help, to do it. Not only is it rewarding, but it’s the right thing to do.

      Northern Rivers – Our hearts are with you.

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      Rugby Palooza – Branding and Website

      Rugby Palooza - Branding & Website


      Rugby Palooza logo


      We were approached by Andrew Fraser

      The work

      We started the process with a brand naming brainstorm and the client arrived at using Rugby Palooza Conference. Using this our goal was to create an easy to use identity that was both sporty and professional with the aim of the conference attracting some of Australia's, if not the world's best rugby coaches.

      The final logo concept utilised the rugby ball shape into an abstract pattern with different colours to represent the meeting of different teams from all over the country. The joining of the shape was a nice way to create a networking concept for the identity. We created stacked, horizontal and badge logo designs that could be easily applied in a cool fun way to merchandise as well as other marketing collateral such as the website. The identity was also adapted and considered the location placement of the conference as the conference location will change each year, so we created a simple logo lock-up to accommodate this.

      We also designed and built the Rugby Palooza Conference website, a simple one pager site that could drive traffic to a ticketing platform as well build upon as the conferences continue in the future.


      Rugby Palooza logo 2
      Rugby Palooza website

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        Vivid Powder Coating – Ballina

        Vivid Powder Coating - Branding and Website


        Vivid Powder Coating - logo


        Vivid Powder Coating is a new business and service in the heart of Ballina, NSW. Barefruit was approached to come up with the brand name, branding, marketing collateral and website to launch this new service.

        The work

        This was a very fun project that started by researching naming options that work and tie in with their business, "Vivid" was the preferred naming option, the word suggests the perfect finish, clear, bright, vibrant the sort of finish you would expect to see if your respraying your Harley Davidson!

        With the business name decided we proceed on creating the identity for the brand, starting with mood boards to develop our initial concepts, the client loved the exploded powder of colour idea we presented and so this was to become the main feature of the branding on the Gold Coast and Ballina. We saw the direction for the branding working with a matt black to allow the colours to really pop, this allowed us to quickly concept how the brand elements were going to be applied. Choosing a typeface was a bit of a process, pairing a font that works with the personality of the word "Vivid" and the exploding colours, whilst staying professional looking meant the best route was a Sans Serif font. The final result was creative identity that tied in with what the business does. We also developed a strapline that really tied in with the logo and business service - "A brilliant coat of colour every time" and this has been applied consistently to their marketing.

        The website was a fun process, prototyping the structure and thinking about the website goals. Styling, adding the video of the exploding powder on a black background became the website theme and we used the "hot pink" as the primary call to action and feature colour. We added in some subtle transitions to finish it off, including another brand feature which was the "Swoosh" animation added under the titles and strapline, this became a feature brand element that we used throughout the brand application to emphasis specific words and services.


        Vivid Stationary
        Vivid brand guide
        Vivid-Website mock
        Vivid-Website -desktop

        Like what we do? Let us help your business grow?with an awesome branding project.
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