The Power of People

The Power of People

Stop, collaborate and listen…

Without collaboration, networking and connection, there is no local business community. Forging strong relationships with all our business partners has always been an important part of the way we roll, and we believe that focusing on honest and transparent work relationships leads to productive and long-term partnerships, as well as the development of new and exciting business opportunities.

IRL networking

They might sound old-fashioned if you’re under 30, but actively participating in face-to-face networking, sharing your knowledge and expertise, and really engaging with others, will help build relationships and establish you as a reputable and trusted person people want to do business with. This ultimately helps build your brand and drive new business. Networking events (we like the ones with free breakfast or wine) are a great way to get yourself out there.

Networking can be challenging if you’re not a fan of public speaking (or people), but believe me, putting yourself out there will help you develop these skills. The wine helps too (haha), but seriously, the more you network, the more confident you’ll become about speaking about your business and what you can offer. I used to be physically sick before new business meetings, but now, after regularly attending networking events (and getting all grown up), I still get a little sweaty, but no more vom.

Give back

Offering your services pro-bono, such as organising an event, writing a column for a the best mag in town (ahem), or designing a logo for a local charity, is a great way to establish long-term relationships and keep you, and your business, front of mind. Sponsoring a local team, charity or event, is another great way to connect with the community – and it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

In small communities like ours, recommendation and word of mouth is very powerful, so if you’re doing something good in the community, people will get to know about it.

Winner winner, chicken dinner

Local business awards are a great way to meet potential new clients, connect with the business community and have a laugh, something we all need to do, often. We can vouch for this - the business awards we’ve entered over the years have generated some great connections and long-lasting relationships, locally and further afield.

Remember, if we’re still in business after what the last few years have thrown at us - we’re all winners.

Barefruit x

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