Claire Gets Interviewed on Radio!

Claire Gets Interviewed on Radio!

Interview on Radio

Last week, Claire was interviewed on the radio! Yes, on live radio! The girl that hates public speaking and has suffered from imposter syndrome her whole adult life.

But guess what! She actually enjoyed it. It helped that the interviewer was the wonderful Nick Mercer, co-founder of customer experience agency, MercerBell. Nick now lives in the Northern Rivers 'hood' and is a marketing consultant/committee member for Bay FM, with a bit of disc-jockeying for the station thrown in for good measure.

Evan and Claire have known Nick for a few years now, and when someone like Nick asks if you'll be on his radio show, you’re like.. 'what? yes!?'

Anyhoo, after overcoming her nerves she arrived at the Bay FM studio in Byron Bay, armed with an Account Exec, Tahnee, under the pretence of collecting social media content - when she actually needed someone to hold her hand haha.

Claire was on Nick's show called, Beats 'n' Business (you can tell Nick's ex-agency) and his calmness immediately makes you feel at ease.

They covered a lot of ground. From her career in ad agencies in the UK, to how they came to be here, in the Northern Rivers, with an award-winning, full-service marketing agency and a rad team. They talked about how much the industry has changed since the London days. Back in 2008, when they moved to Australia, social media was still quite new - they certainly weren't using it as a marketing tool.

It was an eye-opener, to go back in time and reminisce - Claire has been in the marketing industry for over 30 years!! Must have started her first job when she was in nappies 😉

They chatted about our point of difference, which is an interesting one, because our point of difference is that we don't specialise - not in one area. Some agencies and individuals are experts in one area. There are social media gurus everywhere. With Barefruit you get a holistic view from a multi-skilled team that is educated and experienced in marketing. We can understand business goals and devise marketing strategies that will help to achieve those. And once we are happy with the plan, we can implement it all on behalf of our client, as their very own marketing team. One word you'll hear a lot in our agency is 'integrated'. Many of us were brought up in agencies that delivered integrated strategies and campaigns, so we're not hindered in our thinking.

Nick asked what Barefruit is best known for, and it is our integrated approach, which allows us to be the marketing team for many of our clients. We can support the owner/operator with their marketing, so they can get on with what they do best. We’re also the marketing team to support marketing managers, who are expected to do it all these days.

Values are really important to Claire as an individual and as a business owner. They underpin everything - how we communicate, how we respond to briefs, how we treat each other and work as a team.

So, when asked about what she has learned since they started Barefruit 12 years ago... it is to trust your instinct. If it doesn't feel right, then it usually isn't. And that goes for hiring team members to working with new clients. One of her scariest and proudest moments was firing a client that didn’t align with our values. As soon as that bad energy left the building, new doors opened. You learn and grow from experiences like that.

So, after talking about our goals for the future, which will start with a new hire and strengthening our digital offering, they played a couple of her favourite songs. Oasis, Live Forever – this was actually the first dance at her wedding. And U2, One. That’s what life’s about – ‘One life, you got to do what you should’.

Stay Fruity

Barefruit x

Staying in the Game – Direct Brand Engagement with your customers!

Staying in the Game - Direct Brand Engagement with your customers

Direct Brand Engagement


It all moves so fast in the world of digital, so understanding shifting consumer behaviour is key for any businesses looking to thrive and stay in the game. Gone are the days of one-way, mass advertising; with consumers nowadays looking for genuine connections with the brands they love, paving the way for a new era of direct brand engagement. Barefruit Marketing is a full-service marketing agency, based in Ballina, and we understand the importance of adapting to change and refreshing digital marketing and SEO strategies accordingly, to keep you in the game.

The Rise of Direct Brand Engagement

Social media and digital platforms give us, the consumer, the power. We now demand personalised experiences, authentic two-way interactions, and a sense of community from the brands we engage with, so embracing direct brand engagement is becoming so important.

Partnering with a Marketing Agency

The evolving marketing landscape can be daunting place, especially for small businesses. That's where working with an experienced marketing agency, like Barefruit, comes in. By partnering with a team of multi-skilled professionals who understand strategy and direct brand engagement, businesses can efficiently manage their marketing and consumer communications. This connection enables them to reach their audience on a deeper level, fostering brand loyalty and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Challenges for Small Businesses

Small businesses often face challenges in keeping pace with change in digital marketing. Limited skills and resources can hinder their ability to capitalise on direct brand engagement opportunities. However, with the right guidance and support from a marketing agency, these challenges can be overcome.

Strategies for Success

To thrive in these consumer-centric times, small to medium-sized business owners must prioritise direct brand engagement. Here are some strategies you can put into action:

  • Personalise Content: Tailor your content to resonate with your target audience's interests and preferences. Use available data to understand your consumer’s behaviour better.
  • Community Building: Build a sense of community around your brand by engaging with your audience at a deeper level – connect on social media, host live online events, and encourage user-generated content, for example.
  • Seamless User Experience: Optimise your website for mobile and desktop, ensuring a smooth and intuitive browsing experience for your customers.
  • Search Engine Optimisation: SEO is evolving. Traditionally focused on keyword optimisation and backlinks, SEO now involves a broader range of tactics to enhance the user experience and drive brand engagement. With the rise of voice search technology, ensure you optimise your content to cater to voice queries and conversational language.
  • Authenticity and Transparency: Be transparent and authentic in all your brand communications. Being genuine and honest will build trust and loyalty with your audience.

Embrace Change

The shift towards direct brand engagement is reshaping the digital marketing landscape. Brands that embrace this change and prioritise genuine customer relationships will stand head and shoulders above, in today's competitive market. Partnering with a marketing agency that understands direct brand engagement, can help businesses navigate these changes with confidence, to achieve lasting success.

If you’d like Barefruit to help you on this journey, chat to one of the team

Stay Fruity

Barefruit x

How outsourcing your marketing can help you upscale your business!

How outsourcing your marketing can help you upscale your business

We Can Help

If you're running a small to medium-sized business… respect! Having the gumption to start and run your own business is no mean feat. It’s far from long lunches and never-ending holidays. It’s more like no lunch, working on holiday, and just working… a lot. Navigating the business landscape is challenging. So many things to learn, so many hats to wear, so many platforms to manage, so many… things!

You started your business because it was your passion, because you are bloody good at what you do. No-one mentioned you need to be good at all the other ‘things’. We’re hoping you learnt an early lesson and got yourself a good accountant, a bookkeeper, perhaps you have an office cleaner or even an admin person. But like so many business owners, we bet you have a go at doing your own marketing, after all, it can’t be that hard… can it!?

Well, yes, it can. A good marketing professional, like an accountant or bookkeeper, is qualified and experienced, and ideally have a bit of life experience too (huh hum).

A good marketing agency consists of a group of individuals who are each experienced in their own field, and when you put these skills together, wham bam, you have a cracking marketing team.

So, if you’re having trouble knowing your SEO from your SEM, what URL connects to your CMS, whether to send an EDM or an SMS, or whether you should even be on X, formally known as Twitter, it could be time to outsource to people that love it and speak in fluent acronyms.

A strategic marketing team, not only knows what all those letters mean, but how and when to use them, efficiently, to reach your goals. Leaving you to concentrate on your business and what you’re good at.

Stay Fruity

Barefruit x

Take advantage of the New Year to attract a new audience!

Marketing Strategies

The calendar has flipped and the school holidays are (finally) over with the kids starting their new terms. It’s still a fresh year, and businesses have a golden opportunity to align their marketing strategies with the prevailing mindset of fresh starts and resolutions. The beginning of a new year often brings a wave of enthusiasm for positive change, and businesses can leverage this momentum by crafting messages that resonate with common resolutions.

One powerful avenue is tapping into the health and wellness craze that typically accompanies the new year. Messages emphasising healthy habits, more exercise, and nutritious eating can strike a chord with individuals eager to prioritise their well-being. For instance, gyms and fitness studios can promote special packages or challenge programs, while health food stores and restaurants can highlight their offerings that cater to those adopting a healthier lifestyle.

More people are committing to cutting back on alcohol and embracing a more mindful approach to consumption. Hospitality businesses can tailor messages to promote alcohol-free alternatives or events centered around non-alcoholic experiences. This not only caters to the growing market of health-conscious consumers but also aligns with the broader cultural shift towards wellness.

Learning something new is a popular resolution and provides a fantastic opportunity for businesses offering educational services or products. Whether it's language classes, skill development workshops, or online courses, your marketing should focus on the joy of personal growth and gaining new skills this year.

In essence, tap into the new year mindset by aligning marketing messages and tactics with prevalent resolutions. It’s most important to (really) understand your audience, and then it’s so much easier to craft messages that inspire them and those around them. You will not only attract new customers but also contribute to the well-being and growth of the community.

Stay sparkly
Barefruit x

Your 2024 Marketing Plan!

Marketing Plan

The tree has been packed away for another year and the Christmas hangover is subsiding, so now what… planning for a bright new business year of course!

January is usually a quieter time of the year, unless you’re in hospo, so it can be a good time to start planning your marketing for 2024 and getting organised to smash the business year ahead.

Set your goals for the year. Short, medium and long term. Then start as you mean to go on, and get yourself ahead now, so you can stress less when things get busier again, and they will.

  • Plan

Brainstorm potential promotions and themes and pop them in your calendar. That way you can be prepared in advance of time and relieve some of the pressure during the year. It also means you can start creating the content relevant to these sales.

  • Did somebody say content?

Make a cuppa, or something stronger if you’re still on hols, and start drafting some interesting content ideas. AI can be your friend here, just make sure it only does the heavy lifting – you still need to zhuzh up your content with your own brand personality, and some AI tools haven’t quite nailed that… yet.

  • Batch it baby

From that list above, start producing your content, whether that is video, podcasting, writing. Lock yourself away for a few hours and imagine how you’ll feel when you emerge, with the whole of the first quarter underway.

  • Multi-purpose

Some content can take a while to produce, so be efficient and repurpose it. Start with one hero piece of content, and cut, slice and edit to use across your other channels for consistency of message.

  • How’s your website looking?

All this content should help drive traffic to your website. Will it delight or disappoint when they get there? Think about your customer’s journey and how they will find what they are looking for. Websites should be ever-evolving, as your business evolves. Could it be time for a little makeover for the new year?

  • An oldie but a goodie

Email marketing is one of the oldest, yet still one of the most effective marketing strategies, so consider this as part of your mix. Use the content above to capture email addresses of existing and potential customers and then add some regular communication to that plan you were working on, back at point 1, remember 😉

Stay sparkly
Barefruit x

Rous County Council


Rous County Council - Print & Social Campaign


Rous County Council Print Ad
Rous County Council Print Ad

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    Santos Organics


    Santos Organics - Brand Awareness Campaign


    Santos Print Ad


    The brief

    Over the last few years, the Northern Rivers has transformed in terms of its’ demographics, due to an influx of people moving from metropolitan areas around Australia. If you’re gonna be locked down, why not be close to the beach and fresh air!

    There has also been an influx of retailers, with major supermarkets and boutique grocery stores in most towns.

    Santos Organics, an organic retail store established in the Byron shire in the mid 70’s realised the need to evolve their branding and marketing, to talk to this newer audience and remind the older audience that they are still here, and still great.

    Our response

    A reintroduction campaign, headlined ‘The Original Good Food Shop’, to educate and take the community on a journey back to the humble beginnings of Santos and how it all began. We also wanted to emphasise their commitment to the local community, by providing the healthiest organic food and lifestyle products, in a new and refreshing way.

    Working closely with Santos, we created a brighter look and feel that aligns with Santos’ values, and brings out their true tone of voice, core values and ethics. We incorporated new watercolour elements and colour palettes through the creation of localised scenery, paying homage to their heritage and long-standing ties with the Northern Rivers community.

    We created a full brand campaign which rolled out across press, in-store, website, paid and organic socials (video and static), Google Ads and email marketing.

    The fruits

    The Original Good Food Shop campaign has been an undeniable success, connecting with new and existing Santos customers, as well as highlight Santos’ legacy in the Northern Rivers and their commitment to community, through three content pillars of ‘Local First, Zero Waste’, ‘Health and Wellness’ and ‘Planet Based Living’.

    • Increased website traffic by + 22% YOY
    • Achieved over 600k impressions through paid social & Googles Ads campaigns.



    Santos Organics Socials
    Santos Organics Web Banner
    Santos Organics Socials

    Like what we do? Let us help your business grow?with an awesome branding project.
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    Hey Team Fruity!

      I'm , I'd like you to help my business 'barefruit'.

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      A Marketing Guide for your Small Business this Christmas!

      Gift Boxes in Trolley

      ‘Tis the season to be jolly, falalalalaaaa (who counted the la’s). Yes, the holiday season is upon us, and as a small business owner, it's time to ‘sleigh’ your marketing game (ha).

      Here’s some tips that are as sweet as sherry and as bright as your baubles, so snuggle up and read on…

      Decorate Your Online ‘Presents’
      Deck your halls, website, and social media channels with holiday cheer. Acknowledge the time of year with your visuals and words and show your fun side. Nobody likes a Grinch.

      Special Seasonal Offers
      Everyone loves a bargain, especially at this time of year, and doubly-especially, given the financial stress we’ve been under this year. Offers, discounts, and bundles are the candy canes of Christmas marketing – sweet and irresistible.

      Email Marketing
      Email marketing is a secret weapon. Craft engaging emails to share your holiday tips, promotions, and special offers, and spread some yuletide joy. Remind your subscribers that you are here, and you’re a jolly, holly, friendly business.

      Leverage social media
      Get on your socials and spread some Christmas cheer! Post content that's relevant, engaging and more visually appealing than Aunt Edna's Pavlova. Let people know what festive events you have happening and support the other businesses in town with theirs. And don’t forget to let your customers know when you are open and closed.

      All Wrapped Up
      If you have a retail business, can you offer some extra Christmas sparkle this year with some festive wrapping? It is minimal cost, and that extra touch could be the icing on the Christmas cake that separates you from your competitors.

      Give Back
      Make Santa proud and go to the top of the good list. Christmas is a time for giving and spreading kindness. Consider donating a portion of your December profit to a good cause, or collecting Christmas presents for those that would really appreciate it this year.Go on, pop on your elf hat and get ready to sleigh the competition with some festive marketing magic.

      Stay sparkly
      Barefruit x

      Barefruit Marketing Win Employer of Choice!

      Barefruit Marketing win Employer of Choice

      We are so excited to share that Barefruit Marketing won Employer of Choice at the 2022 Northern Rivers Regional Business Awards on Saturday, October 22nd. This is a recognition and reflection of the wonderful culture we have at Barefruit.

      We were nominated in five different categories for the night:

      • Outstanding Employee: Ashleigh Cameron
      • Outstanding Leader: Claire Harding
      • Excellence in Sustainability
      • Employer of Choice
      • Excellence in Small Business.

      Over 10 years ago, Claire and Evan Harding – marketing professionals with over 40 years’ of combined experience - moved from London to the Northern Rivers. It was here, in Lennox, that the Harding family set up their home-based business, Barefruit Marketing. A boutique agency focused on inspirational, creative marketing that would really work, and in essence, help businesses ‘bear fruit’. Fast-forward to 2022, Barefruit Marketing has expanded to a full-service agency with a diverse team of ten, fostering an amazing culture that they have all worked so hard to create.

      Part of our team got all dressed up and attended the ‘2022 Northern Rivers Regional Business Awards’ at Southern Cross University in Lismore. The past couple of years have been extremely challenging for small businesses in the Northern Rivers with lockdowns, floods and other obstacles to overcome. The event celebrated business in the Northern Rivers and recognised the resilience and hard work that goes on behind the scenes within our community.

      There were many well-known local businesses nominated for these awards. Thrilled and emotional, we were awarded ‘2022 Employer of Choice’. We were also ecstatic for our client Early Up Property Solutions who won ‘Excellence in Small Business’, an amazing achievement. Employer of Choice is a great reflection of Barefruit as a workplace as we pride ourselves in creating a fun, creative, open, and supportive workplace for our team.

      Claire and Evan with award

      Our Co-founder and Director Claire comments, “Winning Employer of Choice makes me really proud. We are very passionate about the values we all hold both personally and at work – that is what makes our agency tick.”

      Claire continues; “Leading Barefruit is FUN! We, and our clients, are lucky to have such amazing talent at the agency. We spend more time with our workmates than our own families so having a good culture and an open and honest environment is so important. The team genuinely care about each other and support each other professionally and personally.

      We’re fun to work with, we don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we take the work we do for our clients very seriously.”

      She concludes; “A good culture attracts the right talent and the right clients and I believe we currently have that spot on.”

      Jane Laverty, the Regional Director for Business NSW said, “A huge congratulations to Barefruit Marketing, they are so well deserving of being recognised as finalists in the Northern Rivers Regional Business Awards program – across 5 categories no less.

      Their work with business and industry and in the community is so highly regarded because of their creative solutions - and also their passionate staff culture. It’s a milestone year for the team having just turned 10 and this is significant when operating from a regional area and further proof of their excellence… I wish the Barefruit team every success.”

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      Northern Rivers Business Awards

      Check out what we've been up to

      Lismore City Council
      Lennox Centenary

      Google Analytics 4 (GA4) – What’s it all about?

      WARNING: The following blog post is fairly nerdy but we are here to try and make a very technically exciting topic more… relatable

      If you have a website, you are quite likely to have Google Analytics set up.  In my experience, people with a website range from being very engaged with the data available on Google Analytics, to having a passing awareness of the term Google Analytics.

      In short, Google Analytics is a platform that is used to monitor and report on website traffic.  This data helps you to understand your customers’ behaviour, measure performance of your website and connected campaigns.  At Barefruit, we always recommend that websites have Google Analytics to build a picture of how your website is being used. Some of the metrics we often look at include:

      • Reach – how many unique users have there been to your website and how does that compare over time?
      • Engagement – How long do people spend on your pages and which pages do they visit the most?
      • Acquisition – how did visitors to your website get to your website (social media, referrals, Google Ads, etc)?
      • Acquisition – what search queries did people use to find you on search engines?
      GA4 Transition

      A very brief history lesson – I promise.

      The current generation of Google Analytics has evolved over time since its introduction in 2005 with subsequent major improvements to its tracking, functionality and reporting being contained within the current platform.

      The last major update to its library was in 2013 when it introduced Universal Analytics. Other updates since then have been about tracking App data (Firebase Analytics 2016) and tracking other Google products such as Google Ads (Global Site Tag 2017).

      In 2019, Google developed and launched a new property aimed at collecting and tracking data across both App + Web platforms. This was a fundamental shift in its measurement model and became the basis of this new generation of Google Analytics – GA4.

      As many users of Google Analytics did not have an App, most users didn’t experiment with moving to GA4 initially as it meant abandoning a huge amount of historical data about their website for seemingly little benefit – especially as many reporting functions of Universal Analytics were not catered for initially.

      A big change is coming – some key dates announced

      In March 2022, Google brought things to a head by announcing a specific sunset date for Universal Analytics.
      On 1 July 2023, Universal Analytics will stop collecting data – meaning, unless you are already on GA4 at this time, you will have no data about the traffic coming to your website.
      Google has indicated that you will be able to access your historical data in Universal Analytics until end of December 2023.

      So, in order to have at least 12 months of data in your GA4 when the sunset takes place, you must enable your GA4 set up by 30 June 2022.

      How to Prepare for Google Analytics 4

      Why is this change happening?

      The primary reason for this change is that Google has been rebuilding its back end and front end of Google Analytics. The way data is gathered, where it is gathered from and how it is reported is a fundamental shift in the Google Analytics model – which is why this is a new generation of Google Analytics that is not a simple upgrade of what has been around for over 10 years

      Privacy & The End of Third-Party Cookies
      A big driver for this change is the move to increased privacy for data. This includes browser default settings leaning more to anonymous collection, as well as offering ways for users to choose not to have their data collected.

      Third-party cookies were originally created to track user behaviour across the web. Cookies for marketing will die off when the Google Chrome browser blocks third party cookies as a default. This is anticipated to take place towards the end of 2023 – which seems to be in line with their GA4 sunset dates. Google has also specifically indicated that they will not be working on alternate identifiers (to cookies) to track individuals as they browse across the web, nor will they use cookies in their products.

      Keep an eye out for a blog post we are working on that will explore what digital marketing in a cookie free world looks like!

      Event Based Data Collection

      Another major change in GA4 is moving from viewing data in its raw form but modelled in a way to make sense of user behaviour. Instead of counting sessions and hits, GA4 tracks events that take place on a website. Some standard events include clicks, page views, scrolling, video watch start/progress/complete. This also means there is an increased focus on the full customer journey as opportunities for conversion rather than the last thing they did (e.g. clicked a button, clicked to call, download a file)

      Machine Learning for Predictive Modeling

      Another way in which GA4 improves the reporting aspect of Google Analytics is to build in machine learning that focuses on predicting behaviour and building audiences. The 3 main measurements that may be possible with your data on GA4 are:

      • Purchase probability
      • Churn probability
      • Predicted revenue

      As with any exercise collecting the right set of data, and having a minimum number of events recorded, will improve the quality of the modelling.

      Google Analytics 4 changes to data collection

      What do I need to do?

      The most important thing to do is to enable GA4 by 30 June 2022 so that your new Google Analytics will have at least 12 months of data before Universal Analytics is retired.

      In these 12 months your Google Analytics will be tracking both GA4 and Universal Analytics for 12 months. Your GA4 set up should have filtering set up to exclude your internal traffic so that your data is meaningful for customer events.

      It will be important to set up your Events and Conversions as well as connecting other useful Google products such as Google Search Console, Google Ads and Google Tag Manager where relevant.

      What if I don’t do this?

      You have probably heard from us many times before that Google Analytics data is a key connection to utilising your website to understand your customers – what they are interested in, what makes them stay on the website longer, where they lose interest etc.
      If you don’t commence this transition now, when Google turns off data collection in one year’s time, you will have no data in your new Google Analytics account. This means you have a gap in your digital data on which to you can base your marketing for the year ahead. In short, not turning on GA4 now, puts you a year behind in having data available for your marketing decisions.

      Get ready for GA4

      So, are you ready for the transition from UA to GA4? If you’re requiring assistance or have any other burning questions about saying goodbye to Universal Analytics our team are here to help! You can also opt in to kick off your transition with the help of Barefruit.