UPA Home Care: Advertising Campaign

UPA Home Care

Advertising Campiagn


the brief

UPA North Coast are providers of Aged Care Services, as well as Youth Care Services and Residential Care on the North Coast. An award-winning provider that has been established in the Home Care industry, with an excellent reputation, since 1995. UPA North Coast approached us wanting to grow awareness of their brand and to talk directly to the people who may need their services along with the people whose parents may need Aged Care services one day.

our response

We created and rolled out a campaign for UPA North Coast called 'Keep Your Traditions'. This campaign was specifically for their Home Care Service sector. The 30-second emotive Television Commercial is centred around concerns that one may have as they age which may result in the need for Home Care services. With an aim to put everyones minds at ease that they are in compassionate hands, the television commercial shows the audience a “Family Tradition” scene that we all know and love – Sunday roast with  the family.

In support of the television commercial, Barefruit created additional marketing collateral to ensure an integrated marketing campaign. A comprehensive information booklet showcasing and explaining  UPA North Coast Home Care Services was designed. This booklet includes all of the vital first port of call information including; information about the not-for-profit, cost of services and ways you can access services. This was supported by an attractive and informative brochure, that summarises the information in the booklet succinctly.

BFM TV Advertisement and Marketing Collateral
advertising agency northern rivers

the fruits

This kind of strategic and focused campaign is both challenging and highly rewarding to pull together. When executed correctly it  creates incredible brand awareness, emotional response in the audience and excellent results for the client, which makes us extremely happy!

You can read more about UPA North Coast and the service they offer here.

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