Westlawn Finance Website Design

Westlawn Website

The brief

Westlawn approached us to revamp their current website. With an aim to reflect the brands' customer audiences and create a more user-friendly website that was optimised for mobile and future proofed for today's technology.


Our response

Following customer research undertaken by our team, we addressed several key updates for the web design project, which included:

  • A custom-designed and responsive website
  • Integrating better technology into the site to improve marketing opportunities
  • Refreshing the brand with a new additional purple colour to positively uplift the personality of the brand, along with designing unique iconography to explain their services and created a curated image library to use and build upon.
  • Photography direction for new staff shots for the site
  • Pricing calculators and tools for customers to use for free
  • Implementing a strategy of gathering Customer Stories, for more brand trust and transparency on what Westlawn can offer, using real life examples and integrating this as part of their ongoing digital and email marketing.


Westlawn Website
Westlawn - Logo Guide
Westlawn - Logo Guide

The fruits

Westlawn's brand-new website is a major improvement and a step forward for Westlawn to grow their audiences and customer base while building more brand awareness and trust.

The integration of new marketing tools into the website also allows Westlawn to intuitively create smarter ways of reaching their target-audiences.


Westlawn - Print Ad
Westlawn - Business Cards
Westlawn - Stationery
Westlawn - Newspaper Ad
Westlawn - Business Cards
Westlawn - Brochure
Westlawn - Banner

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