Branding & Advertising

Branding & Advertising

Building Brands and creating ads for new and traditional media….

Branding & Advertising

Every brand needs a story and a purpose. Something they stand for that connects with consumers. We help brands bare themselves and get their story heard, as well build a brand that people will know and trust.

Branding is a lot deeper than you realise, it has everything to do with identity: Who are you? What kind of business are you? What’s your name and why should I remember it? How does your brand make me feel? Your brand is what makes your business feel like a person, with a personality – giving it an identity that people can relate to.

If you're looking to refresh your brand, we can work with you to redevelop your brand identity and tagline, retaining favourable elements and giving it a more modern look and feel to help your brand flourish.

Alternatively we can help you with creating an entirely new brand identity, including logo creation and development and style guides.

Advertising has long shaped our relationship with brands. The power of insightful advertising can be game changing. Until you observe and understand consumer behaviours you can’t reasonably hope to change them.

We will help you get inside the head of people buying your product or using your service. Our design team will turn those insights into something that will be memorable. Ensuring that you stand out from your competitors and connect with consumers. Our creative agency also offers TV commercial production in Ballina, Byron Bay, Gold Coast, Northern Rivers and surroundings areas.

When it comes to branding and advertising our services go beyond including the following,

Video Production

Turning an idea or concept into a video isn’t always easy. Our team can work with your business from the ground up and turn it into a script to suit the direction of your project. We then work along side our production crew from ‘Rest Your Eyes’ to bring the project to life in whatever medium you need.


You choose the direction or we can brainstorm and come up with an angle, whatever the purpose for your photoshoot needs we have a barefruit photographer that will turn out photos to suit. We can also source existing photos for any projects.

The bottom line for both branding and advertising is to consider the many ways your brand goes beyond colours and logo design, to provide the experience and feeling your customer is seeking. Once we help you clearly identify who your ideal customer is and what they need and are looking for, we can help you pinpoint what your brand should be doing to gain your customer’s trust and deliver what they want. Once you do, your business’ brand can generate loyal followers, and gain new ones as well, who will keep coming back for more.

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