Supporting Local Businesses

In these crazy times, it’s crucial for us to pull together and act with purpose. There is a light at the end of the tunnel so let’s prepare now, so we are strong for the recovery phase.

As a small business ourselves, we are taking a step back and looking at things very differently. Customer behaviours are changing and we all need to adapt to that. Some of the things we are doing for ourselves and our clients include:

  • Reviewing marketing strategies to ensure budgets are being spent in the most efficient and effective way
  • Changing the focus of marketing promotions in keeping with the Government-enforced changes taking place
  • Doing stuff, not saying stuff. Showing our integrity and helping people at this time, ensuring no-one is seen to be ‘exploiting’ this situation in any way
  • Ensuring we have robust but fluid strategies in place, so when this time of uncertainty ends, we will be strong businesses ready to take on the growth period that will come
  • Digital marketing will be a focus now more than ever and it’s important we retain a strong presence in this space. Bricks and mortar businesses can see online as an opportunity at this time – it just needs us to ‘think differently’. Physical events that have been in existence for years are finding ways to reach audiences by embracing the online space in lots of unique ways.

Barefruit have a live web event taking place this Thursday 26th March at 11am (NSW time) open to any business owner or manager. The purpose of this web event is to offer some sound (and sane) advice to businesses who are feeling, let’s face it, a bit confused at the moment.

We all need to stay relevant to our customers and think about their pain points and how we can help them overcome them. Life will go on and your customers will still need you, so let’s be positive and think ahead, adopting strategies for our businesses that are affordable and scalable.

We hope to see you on Thursday at our web event, feel free to pass on to any friends or colleagues you think could benefit.

Thinking of all our clients at this time. Stay safe and healthy

Claire and the Barefruit team