Take Advantage of Black Friday Sales

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Take Advantage of Black Friday sales

Black is back baby

Whether you’re a fan or not, Black Friday, on November 24, is fast approaching and although it originated in the States, it’s now a worldwide shopping phenomenon which you might want to partake in.

Given the high cost of living and the fact people are very conscious of how they’re spending their money, Black Friday is a great opportunity to entice customers into your store in the lead up to Christmas, with an awesome offer they can’t refuse.

A good sale goes a long way

Consumers are a savvy bunch, you know that because you are one. We are looking for, and we know a good deal when we see one. We can also see straight through lacklustre offers and will go somewhere else if we can’t see the value. So make sure you’re prepared with a good sale or offer - remember it’s just for 24 hours, so go for it!

The Lennox community has a huge range of excellent businesses, including cafes, restaurants, gifting, beauty, clothing, food and art, not forgetting the deli, gym, hair, nails, restaurant, health foods and more, down at Epiq. The Black Friday sale can apply to everyone. 

Just do it 

If you’re a cafe or a restaurant, why not offer a two for one meal deal for the day, or a complimentary coffee or wine (yes please) with a meal? Hair and beauty, now’s your chance to start promoting a special offer, perhaps a free blow dry or head massage for customers who book in for Black Friday? Gyms could offer a free trial class or half-price membership and our galleries and art stores could offer flash sales – there is so much opportunity – and it is for one day only.

Spread the word

Let locals know about what’s going to be on offer now, so they can start planning on where they’re going to spend their hard-earned cash. Use your database and start sending out emails. Get on your socials and promote the day, or even put posters up in your shop window - it’s a cheap way to advertise and very effective. 

Whatever you do in the lead-up to Black Friday, make it memorable and make it worth getting out of bed for. There will be a lot of other Black Friday promotional noise to cut through. It’s only 24 hours, don’t waste a second.

Stay fruity 

Barefruit x

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