Converting a classic

We were excited to see Alex Bosin, owner of EV Classic, pop up in an article published by the Bangalow Herald. We helped Alex with a PR campaign to get the word out about his amazing 100% electric vans. You can read more about this project here.

German-born engineer, Alex, first visited Byron in 1998 and ten years later found himself settling down in the area. In 2008, he began to capitalise his skill with German cars and love for modern technology and nature. Alex said, "I love modern technology and sustainability, so the idea of converting a Kombi to an electric vehicle was a natural". And so, he set about creating one of Australia's first all-electric VW Kombi vans. The EV Classic is Alex's first 'proof of concept', based on a [quote Alex] "reliable German motor". He has been able to offer the experience of driving a classic car with a much quieter drive and lower maintenance costs.

Alex is also converting other classic cars to electric, including a blue Merc wagon. He goes on to say, "if you have a classic car that you want to preserve, with little or no maintenance costs, and like the idea of helping the environment, then an EV conversion might be a great solution!".