How outsourcing your marketing can help you upscale your business!

How outsourcing your marketing can help you upscale your business

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If you're running a small to medium-sized business… respect! Having the gumption to start and run your own business is no mean feat. It’s far from long lunches and never-ending holidays. It’s more like no lunch, working on holiday, and just working… a lot. Navigating the business landscape is challenging. So many things to learn, so many hats to wear, so many platforms to manage, so many… things!

You started your business because it was your passion, because you are bloody good at what you do. No-one mentioned you need to be good at all the other ‘things’. We’re hoping you learnt an early lesson and got yourself a good accountant, a bookkeeper, perhaps you have an office cleaner or even an admin person. But like so many business owners, we bet you have a go at doing your own marketing, after all, it can’t be that hard… can it!?

Well, yes, it can. A good marketing professional, like an accountant or bookkeeper, is qualified and experienced, and ideally have a bit of life experience too (huh hum).

A good marketing agency consists of a group of individuals who are each experienced in their own field, and when you put these skills together, wham bam, you have a cracking marketing team.

So, if you’re having trouble knowing your SEO from your SEM, what URL connects to your CMS, whether to send an EDM or an SMS, or whether you should even be on X, formally known as Twitter, it could be time to outsource to people that love it and speak in fluent acronyms.

A strategic marketing team, not only knows what all those letters mean, but how and when to use them, efficiently, to reach your goals. Leaving you to concentrate on your business and what you’re good at.

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