UPA Home Care Information Booklet: Graphic Design

UPA North Coast  - Home Care made for you

UPA North Coast are providers of Aged Care Services, as well as Youth Care Services and Residential Care on the North Coast. An award-winning provider that has been established in the Home Care industry, with an excellent reputation, since 1995.

The brief...

Our agencies brief was to reach the desired audience and provide an informative resource whilst also meeting the legislative requirements of our client. A comprehensive information booklet was developed for UPA North Coast Home Care Services.

The Booklet

This booklet includes all of the vital first port of call information including; information about the not-for-profit, cost of services and ways you can access services. Also discussed is the logistics of how care works, acknowledging diversity and their complaints handling pro

Providing the target audience with the knowledge they need to understand the care and service options that UPA Home Care has on offer. Whilst also highlighting their dedication to partner with their clients in assisting them in living the life they want. The glossy booklet was printed on a high-quality matt stock and follows the Home Care team's latest branding which ties directly in with the "Keeping your traditions" TV Commercial campaign from the end of 2018.

The Cultivating Solution

Since launching this booklet, interest has been shown from other UPA Home Care districts in the booklet, with a look to rolling it out further across the state.

You can read more about UPA North Coast and the service they offer here.