First, Build Trust

Build Trust

In the last 12 months, consumer behaviour has changed, a lot. Just as us business owners have had to adapt to survive, so have your customers, and it would be disadvantageous for any business, big or small, to ignore that fact.

Confidence and trust in the marketplace have been shaken (and stirred). To regain that trust and rebuild confidence, it’s all about helping your customers build emotional connections with your brand. But how? Stop selling and start connecting with them. No one likes being sold to, so to truly capture attention and ignite connection, you need to show your audience you really know them.

Knowing your customer is key

Before you begin any marketing, you need to know who your customers are and what they need in this moment. Showing empathy towards how life has changed for your customers is key. In your communications use language that’s inclusive and shows humility and understanding, i.e. “we know that times are tough right now, so we’re making things that little bit easier for you”. Talking the talk isn’t enough, so show you care by offering value, such as free gift wrapping, free shipping, a returns and exchange policy or personalised ‘thank you’ notes in orders. Take Penny Lane for example, who has created lockdown care packages, filled with freshly baked treats.

Knowing your customer is key
Don’t hit the panic button
Don’t hit the panic button

Businesses that approach shifts in customer behaviour with optimism and a little bit of strategy are the ones that succeed. Just because something has changed, don’t let panic replace your customer service. Now is the perfect time to forge and nurture genuine relationships with your customers. If you have a little extra time up your sleeve, put it to good use; set up email automations, be more active on socials, show behind the scenes, and share your tips for other businesses.

A great local example we love is Just Add Flower. She is the brand, and we love her updates on the process of cake making, but also life in Lennox as a working mum and the struggles and wins as a small business in lockdown.

Just Add Flower
Be human on digital
Be human on digital

With everything and everyone online, you need to make digital more ‘human’ wherever possible. We live a big proportion of our lives through a screen, so make the experience with your brand a refreshing one. Use real people in your photos, model clothing on a variety of body types and be inclusive of all the walks of life who may benefit from your product or service. You can introduce your team, share a ‘day in the life’ and use a more real tone of voice (Go-To Skincare and Zero Co are great examples to checkout).

With a positive mindset, change is an opportunity, whether that be to grow, nurture relationships, diversify your offering or enjoy the slower days. If you take one thing away from this, have empathy and humility for your customers, knowing their worlds have changed just as much as yours.

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It was great working with Jennica and Claire from Barefruit Marketing. They really took time to understand my project and delivered amazing ‘pitch’ / media release to appeal to journalists and media corporations. I felt comfortable sharing my ideas, and they were able to capture my vision and marry it to their expertise. Would highly recommend.

Alex Bosin

EV Classic

I'd like to say a huge thank you to Claire and Charlotte from Barefruit Marketing who have helped me in the last couple of months to pull this amazing media event together. The agency has offered their services on a pro bono basis, I am so grateful for the work they have done. Claire and Charlotte have been my unconditional support crew to lean on for advice and ideas, and I am excited about how our relationship will move forward in the next few months.

Kate Kempshall

North Coast Community College

I have been using Barefruit for my SEO and website development for Behind the Barrel. The best part about Barefruit is your're not just getting the attention of one of their staff members. The whole team works together to help bring the best possible outcome for your business marketing. I highly recommend Evan and his team if you want to take your business marketing to the next level.


Behind the Barrel

The Barefruit team is always friendly, helpful and very professional. They have taken the time to understand our business needs and develop a effective strategy to grow our brand.

Andrew Illingworth

Tweed Coast Holiday Parks

Just want to say a HUGE thank you to each and every one of the team for the website. You all went over and above and most certainly went above my expectations. I'm extremely happy with it (been bragging a bit about it just quietly) and couldn't have done it without you all. Thank you for bringing this to life.

Trent Chapman

Prevent Consultants