When and How to Use Video Content

Video Content

Take one look online, and you’ll find global brands, small businesses and market-leading influencers (even your friends!) all vying for your attention with video content. Long gone are the days when a simple stock shot would cut it, in fact, video has become a key digital marketing strategy Gold Coast

Why you should care

First and foremost, video content will capture more eyeballs than a static image, simply because it is moving! Video helps you to reach new audiences: Generation Z now make up 40% of all consumers and the best way to communicate to this digital native, sceptical audience, is with video. A picture says a thousand words, but video can tell a story, offering opportunities for consumers to develop an emotional relationship with your brand. As a result, you should see an impressive ROI.

Why you should care

There are two types of video content to work with: 1) polished, professional videos and 2) raw, unedited and authentic video.

Professional video content
When to keep it polished and professional

You need quality footage, captured on a DSLR or new smartphone, edited in a way that brings your brand to life. People want to see products in use, close ups and details. These videos go on your website’s homepage, in newsletters or emails and in digital advertising (although, there is a trend to use raw footage here, too). Post your slick brand and product videos on your Instagram and Facebook profiles, as well as IGTV and YouTube of course.

When to keep it raw and unedited

Instagram Stories and Reels, Facebook Stories and TikTok are all channels for unedited, raw footage. We’re talking the type of stuff you capture on your phone day-to-day. Consumers want to make genuine and authentic connections with you in these online spaces, so the ‘real-er’ (yep it’s a word now!) you are, the better. Capture the ‘behind-the-scenes’ process of how you do things, along with your messy desk. People want to see it. More so, they want to see the face behind it all. Don’t be shy of talking straight to the camera about an upcoming sale or how you pack your products for shipping.

raw video content

When it comes to Instagram, don’t worry so much about posting on your feed all the time. Most users go straight to Stories, and hardly glance at their news feed (guilty!). Use this to your advantage. And don’t forget to jump on trending music in Reels and on TikTok. All it takes is one video to go viral.

The power of video content is unparalleled in our current environment, and every business should be taking full advantage of this. There are plenty of editing tools and apps for video creation out there, including Splice, iMovie, Adobe Premier Rush as well as the software available in both Instagram and TikTok. Just start to experiment and have fun!

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