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Vivid Powder Coating is a new business and service in the heart of Ballina, NSW. Barefruit was approached to come up with the brand name, branding, marketing collateral and website to launch this new service.

The work

This was a very fun project that started by researching naming options that work and tie in with their business, "Vivid" was the preferred naming option, the word suggests the perfect finish, clear, bright, vibrant the sort of finish you would expect to see if your respraying your Harley Davidson!

With the business name decided we proceed on creating the identity for the brand, starting with mood boards to develop our initial concepts, the client loved the exploded powder of colour idea we presented and so this was to become the main feature of the branding on the Gold Coast and Ballina. We saw the direction for the branding working with a matt black to allow the colours to really pop, this allowed us to quickly concept how the brand elements were going to be applied. Choosing a typeface was a bit of a process, pairing a font that works with the personality of the word "Vivid" and the exploding colours, whilst staying professional looking meant the best route was a Sans Serif font. The final result was creative identity that tied in with what the business does. We also developed a strapline that really tied in with the logo and business service - "A brilliant coat of colour every time" and this has been applied consistently to their marketing.

The website was a fun process, prototyping the structure and thinking about the website goals. Styling, adding the video of the exploding powder on a black background became the website theme and we used the "hot pink" as the primary call to action and feature colour. We added in some subtle transitions to finish it off, including another brand feature which was the "Swoosh" animation added under the titles and strapline, this became a feature brand element that we used throughout the brand application to emphasis specific words and services.


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