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Kerrect is a unique service with skilled professional rope climbers and maintenance staff that can access and install safety netting and access points on buildings - they are the go-to experts for working safely at height without scaffolding. Kerrect came to Barefruit with the aim of refreshing their brand identity, website, creating a new strapline to stay ahead of its competitors and to modernise their look and appeal for today’s purposes.


The work

The new logo evolved from utilising some of the old logo elements to create a stronger concept and brand identity that can be used in today’s digital world and on physical applications such as vehicles, netting on buildings, business cards and uniforms.

The logo features lines to represent ropes, and uses the primary red and black colours of the brand to stand out amongst their competitors. The lines are positioned above the typeface to represent the safety netting and protection at height. Using a clean geometric sans font the brand identity is modern, approachable and professional.

As part of the brand process. we also developed a new strapline for the business that really specified what Kerrect is and does - the strapline needed to be unique and ownable for the business. The original strap was “Safety at height” but Kerrect do more than just that, therefore, it evolved into, “Protecting your people and assets at height." The new strap really captures the core value of the business and what the achieve on a daily basis, making sure people and any building or business assets are always safe and protected whilst caring out their height defying work.

Barefruit also designed and developed a new cutting-edge website that was unique to Kerrect and what they do. We created a slick black themed website which made their primary colour 'red' really pop, and especially when used with unique parallax scrolling effects in the background, Kerrect now have a creative looking website. Parallax scrolling is a special scrolling technique used in website design where background images throughout a site move slower than the foreground image when scrolling. This creates a two-dimensional look and feel to the website and is accustomed to the way users behave nowadays - scrolling through feeds and pages. The whole website is fresh and up-to-date featuring areas for video or image based content with room to grow their portfolio projects. The navigation is also very simple to use on mobile and desktop and focuses on their user goals to enquire for one of their services.

We are proud that the overall brand re-fresh has given Kerrect a big jump ahead of its competitors.



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Award winning nomination from Web Guru Awards

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