Your 2024 Marketing Plan!

Marketing Plan

The tree has been packed away for another year and the Christmas hangover is subsiding, so now what… planning for a bright new business year of course!

January is usually a quieter time of the year, unless you’re in hospo, so it can be a good time to start planning your marketing for 2024 and getting organised to smash the business year ahead.

Set your goals for the year. Short, medium and long term. Then start as you mean to go on, and get yourself ahead now, so you can stress less when things get busier again, and they will.

  • Plan

Brainstorm potential promotions and themes and pop them in your calendar. That way you can be prepared in advance of time and relieve some of the pressure during the year. It also means you can start creating the content relevant to these sales.

  • Did somebody say content?

Make a cuppa, or something stronger if you’re still on hols, and start drafting some interesting content ideas. AI can be your friend here, just make sure it only does the heavy lifting – you still need to zhuzh up your content with your own brand personality, and some AI tools haven’t quite nailed that… yet.

  • Batch it baby

From that list above, start producing your content, whether that is video, podcasting, writing. Lock yourself away for a few hours and imagine how you’ll feel when you emerge, with the whole of the first quarter underway.

  • Multi-purpose

Some content can take a while to produce, so be efficient and repurpose it. Start with one hero piece of content, and cut, slice and edit to use across your other channels for consistency of message.

  • How’s your website looking?

All this content should help drive traffic to your website. Will it delight or disappoint when they get there? Think about your customer’s journey and how they will find what they are looking for. Websites should be ever-evolving, as your business evolves. Could it be time for a little makeover for the new year?

  • An oldie but a goodie

Email marketing is one of the oldest, yet still one of the most effective marketing strategies, so consider this as part of your mix. Use the content above to capture email addresses of existing and potential customers and then add some regular communication to that plan you were working on, back at point 1, remember 😉

Stay sparkly
Barefruit x